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When Should I See A Chiropractor?

When should you see a chiropractor? Anytime! That's it, that's the whole blog for this week.






Just kidding, but I'm not half wrong. I think that most people could benefit from seeing a chiropractor regularly for many different reasons,

Let's go over some of the most common reasons we recommend chiropractic care!


You get injured:

Ouch, you were deadlifting and hurt your back? Or you were picking up your kid and hurt your shoulder? Or you fell playing pickup basketball and sprained your ankle? What do these all have in common? They are some sort of acute injury that happened from an incident or accident. We can help with muscle inflammation, help with joint restoration, as well as advise you on different ways you can heal on your own, too. By seeing some sort of specialist, you are improving your chances of getting back to 100%. Trying to heal something on your own may lead to reduced joint mobility, prolonged pain, and reduced healing. Trust us professionals to help get you back to feeling your best!


You throw your neck or back out:

Ouch, did you wake up with neck pain after sleeping on your neck wrong? Did you bend over to tie your shoe and couldn't stand back up? These are similar to acute injuries, but typically have more predisposing factors as to why they happened. Is it truly possible to herniate a disc while putting on your shoes? Not really. Is it possible to herniate a disc while putting on your shoes, if you have a chronic history of back issues, a weaker core, sit for your job, and have other predisposing factors? Definitely, and we see it all the time. With these types of injuries, we treat the immediate symptoms, such as with electrical stimulation, adjustments, and muscle work, but then help set you up to where this hopefully doesn't happen again. So with these, we address both the pain and underlying dysfunction. This includes spinal decompression, stretches, exercises, lifestyle changes, or even physical therapy referrals.


You work an 'immobile' job:

This would be some sort of office job, like a job where you sit for the majority of the day. Most of our patients who have this type of job have very similar pain patters. They have tight upper backs, weak lower backs, and tight hips. But alas, that is where we come in! Anyone that sits for the majority of the day could benefit from regular chiropractic treatments. Whether office jobs, driving jobs, or jobs that don't keep you moving all day. Please show your body some love and get some chiropractic work done!


You feel 'tight', 'stuck', or could use more mobility:

As a 'joint motion restoration doctor', we help your body move better, duh! We all feel tight sometimes, whether neck, back, hips, whatever, and adjustments and muscle therapies can help work wonders for that. While adjustments aren't permanent, they can sure help open up your joints, and pair that with stretches or exercises, and we can help improve your mobility over time.


You are seeking general wellness care:

We thrive in preventative medicine! Adjustments feel great, they help you move better, and they can help improve your overall wellness. When you move better, you feel better. And when you feel better, you sleep better. And when you sleep better, you get better. Get the picture? While we don't have a direct impact on things like sleeping, immune, etc, we can help restore your foundation, allowing your body to heal better and feel better. We also help out with nutrition, supplements, lab testing, etc, so you can get well rounded wellness care!


You get frequent headaches:

While chiropractic can't help all types of headaches, it can certainly help with some! If your headaches originate from the musculoskeletal system, such as tight neck muscles, we can 100% help reduce your headaches. Things like suboccipital muscle work, adjustments, and stretches, can help reduce neck tension, leading to less headaches. But, if we can't help the cause directly, we can sure try to help get to the other root causes, such as dehydration, hormones, dietary, etc. More on chiropractic and headaches here!


You've recently been involved in a car accident:

Please, if you have been involved in any sort of accident, even a minor fender bender, please come get checked out! We have seen people who have been in minor accidents, who show up with symptoms weeks later after the inflammation has settled, who wished that they started care earlier. The earlier you start care, the better. Read more HERE..


You are pregnant:

We love love love seeing pregnant women! I think chiropractic care is so beneficial during this time, since you entire body is going through some crazy changes. I actually wrote a whole article on this, check it out here:


Okay, but who SHOULDN'T see a chiropractor?

  • Those actively having a stroke or at a high risk for a stroke

  • Those with bone fractures

  • Those with loss of their bowel or bladder functions

  • Active spinal cancer/tumors on the spine

  • Spinal infections

Maybe you don't fit into one of these categories, and are confused on if chiropractic care is right for you? We are here for any and all questions.

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