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10 Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has numerous benefits! We are learning more each day exactly how beneficial chiropractic care can be.

While there are more than those listed below, here are some of our favorite 10 benefits of regular chiropractic care:

1. Reduced Musculoskeletal pain - DUH! Chiropractic care offers numerous benefits to your muscles, spine, and other joints. Adjustments help through improving spinal motion. When we improve spinal motion, we reduce your joint inflammation, increase blood supply, and reduce pain. When we do that, we help the muscle attached to the joint. When we help the muscle relax, we help decrease musculoskeletal pain. Are you getting the picture? Adjustments help more than just the joint, they help the muscle, nerves, and areas around it. When your body's lacking motion in one joint/spinal section, all of the others suffer, sort of like a chain reaction. Curious what musculoskeletal conditions we see? Check them out HERE!

2. Improved Sleep: Poor sleep is linked to more negative side effects than just about anything else. A good night's sleep is arguably the most healthy act you can do. So how can chiropractic care help? Sleep disturbances from muscle or spinal pain is such a common complaint we see. If your back hurts, then you can't get comfortable. If you can't get comfortable, you can't sleep, and again, not sleeping has so many detrimental effects. We help reduce spinal and muscle pain, leading to improved sleep quality. On another side of things, chiropractic care has a direct effect on your nervous systems, meaning we can help 'reset' and 'support' your body's nervous system, meaning more sleep for you!

3. Improved Flexibility: As stated above, we help the musculoskeletal system. If you have a muscle that you stretch over and over again, and it is chronically tight, let us take a look! This could be caused by a joint restriction, a tight nerve instead of the muscle, or a weaker muscle. Let us help by finding the root cause, and addressing as needed.

4. Reduced Headaches: We see a lot of headache complaints here! While headaches can come from a variety of sources, we can sure help out with a bunch of them. We offer a couple therapies that can have a direct impact on headaches, such as adjustments, muscle scraping, and stretches. We see 2 common headache causes here. The first is a cervical joint restriction, meaning part of your cervical spine is not moving as it should. This is a great candidate for an adjustment. Another cause includes muscle referrals, meaning your tight muscle are effecting your nerves, leading to headaches. We love muscle scraping for this, and can help reduce that inflammation and improve that muscle's tone.

5. Reduction in Non-Musculoskeletal Symptoms: Did you know chiropractic care can help more than the musculoskeletal system, including the digestive system and reproductive system? The nervous system controls everything in our body, and nervous interference from poor spinal motion can effect more than just the muscles, including digestion and your reproductive organs. Signals from the nervous system can 'misfire' or have 'interference' leading to certain conditions, such as GERD, constipation, abdominal pain, or more. Now is this always the case? Absolutely not! But it can and does happen. Adjustments can be a great way to help certain conditions!

7. Improved Posture: Have you ever felt your posture lacking? Yeah, you and everyone else! With everyone sitting all the time, mixed with our increased phone usage, our posture can sometimes stink. As a chiropractor, we adjust certain areas of the body that are more prone to these forces from poor posture. Now, an adjustment does not 'fix' your posture, that is up to you! What we can do, is help improve spinal motion, and recommend great stretches and exercises that can help strengthen your posture.

8. Reduced Stress: Have you ever been in pain, and been stressed about it? Duh! Pain is such a stressor to our physical and mental health. Reducing pain from injuries or conditions helps reduce your stress, allowing your nervous system to calm down, as well as helping you sleep better and feel better.

9. Improved Immunity: Wait, what? How can chiropractic care help my immune system? It all goes back to stressors. When your body is in a higher stressed out state, whether from pain, nervous system stress, mental stress, or something else, this weakens your body's immune system. A weaker immune system leads to an increase in vulnerability to viruses or bacteria, duh! Through chiropractic care, we offer a multi factor approach, meaning we help reduce stress in the physical aspects, as well as mental and nervous system. A less stressed out body, leads to a stronger immune system.

10. Increased Athletic Performance: We love working with people from all athletic backgrounds, whether you are a college athlete, weekend warrior, or regulars weight lifter. We can help with a) improving spinal motion, b) finding specific exercises or stretches that can help] your complaint c) improving muscle tension or tone through therapy, d) get you back in the game quicker after an injury. On top of those benefits, regular chiropractic adjustments and therapies can help reduce your risk of injury through improving spinal motion, improve your flexibility, and improve nervous system function.

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