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What Does a Pediatric Chiropractor Do?

A common phrase we hear is "I did not know that you saw kids!", and we always respond with, "We do, and we love it!"

So, what is a pediatric chiropractor, and how do they treat differently than adults?


First, we see kids for a few different reasons than we do adults. Some common reasons include:

  1. Bed Wetting (Read a whole blog, here!)

  2. Ear Infections

  3. Poor Sleep

  4. Restlessness

  5. Poor Spinal Posture

  6. Digestive Issues

As well as normal adult issues, such as neck pain, back pain, and muscle injuries.

Kid's spines and nervous systems aren't fully formed yet, so they are more sensitive to conditions that stem from the nervous system, as those listed above.

My favorite example is with bed wetting. Your sacrum is not fully fused until late adolescence. Because of this, children are more likely to have an increased nervous stimulation on the nerves that control their bladder, leading to bed wetting. That stimulation decreases as you age, and your sacrum fuses. Chiropractic care can help restore motion to these sacral pieces, that help reduce stimulation.

Another great example is children with ear infections. A child's inner ear is more horizontal than an adults, meaning that fluid does not drain as it should, leading to ear infections. By adjusting the upper cervicals, or your upper neck bones, we can help improve this drainage. This is why it is really common to see a decrease in ear infections in children that get adjusted.


Another way that pediatric care is different is the method of adjusting. It can be scary thinking that your children could be getting 'popped' the same way as adults, but that is not the case! In younger patients, we use tools to help deliver a safe, low force, specific adjustment to areas of concern. As they get older, we start to introduce manual adjustments. The pressure to adjust a child is on the opposite end of an adult, and most of the time the joints move with just a set up!

It is not uncommon for the child to laugh immediately post adjustment, because they love how it feels. We see dramatic improvements in children post adjustments, and they always ask when they can come back!


Lastly, their frequency is different, since they heal so quick and respond so well! We have seen improvements from one visit, but usually recommend a few follow up visits to make sure things are moving as they should. We typically recommend a few adjustments a year.


Pediatric Chirorpactic care is safe, effective, and children love it. Whether dealing with an above issue, a sports injury, a child constantly complaining about their pain, or you just want to improve your child's health and wellness, we are here to serve you and your family.

We know that if you are new to chiropractic, then it can be scary taking that first step. Please reach out to contact us to explain in depth how the process works, what to expect, and to answer any other questions you have.

We look forward to caring for you and your family!

Learn more or book online here:

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