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Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression is safe and effective treatment for disc bulges, disc herniations, low back pain, and low back stiffness. 

Spinal Discs are joints in between each vertebrae in your spine. They act as shock absorbers, and allow your spine to move. Contrary to popular belief, discs are very strong and are actually a tough form of a ligament, and they do not 'slip' out of place, as popular sayings go. They do however, protrude, herniate, or bulge, putting pressure onto your spinal nerves.
They say it takes the weight of a dime to cause interference in a nerve, which is why you may get pain, numbness, or tingling with lower back or neck pain.

Spinal Decompression is a therapy we offer here at Woodland that is aimed at decompressing your spine in a non-surgical procedure. This is an option for those with disc bulges, herniations, or pain in their neck or lower back. 
This works by creating a negative pressure in between the discs, helping flood in nutrients, blood, water, to help restore your disc health. 

woodland chiropractic offers spinal decompression to help with disc herniations, disc bulges, sciatica, and low back pain


You will be snugly strapped into our decompression table. The lower part of the table will gently pull you, then release, and repeat for the duration of the session. This is a gentle treatment, and patients have been known to fall asleep!

While everyone is different, it is typically recommended to have anywhere between 5-20 sessions, with a sweet spot around 10 sessions. Each session will last 15-20 minutes.


You may feel a little soreness in the area post treatment, especially after the first few. We will recommend a lot of water, light stretching and walking to help alleviate the soreness. . 


Once you and your clinician have decided you have reached your maximum benefits, you will then be advised on how to keep your discs healthy in the future. This includes exercises, lifestyle recommendations, and more! 

We are open to any + all questions you may have. Contact us today! 

Spinal Decompression
At Woodland Chiropractic and Wellness in Lenexa, KS 

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