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Muscle Therapies
At Woodland Chiropractic and Wellness in Lenexa, KS 

Here at Woodland Chiropractic, we believe in treating more than just the spine. We believe that you can get as much motion as you want into the joint, but if the muscles and surrounding soft tissue have aren't working as they should, then you won't make any progress with the joint. That is why we offer different muscle therapies to help treat different muscle conditions. The goal of most therapies is to improve local circulation, create a healthy inflammation response, improve range of motion, and reduce muscle stiffness and tightness. 

Some common muscle complaints we see:
     > Tight Upper Back/Traps 
     > Mid-Back Stiffness 
     > Foot Pain 

     > Forearm Pain 
     > Lower Back Stiffness
     > Ankle Stiffness 

     > Shoulder Aches
     > Knee Pain
     > And Much More!


IASTM is a therapy that uses a small metal tool to ‘scrape’ the skin. Think of it as a very intense massage to a specific area. This tool helps improve blood flow to the area, as well as reducing pain and tightness. 




Cupping, similar to IASTM above, helps to improve blood supply to areas. We use more of a 'mobile' cupping style, meaning we glide the cup around the area, promoting local circulation, improving motion, and helping heal the area. 



K-Taping is the process of using medical grade special elastic therapeutic tape to help support and/or encourage movement of the body. There are hundreds of ways to help different areas of the body, ranging from improving circulation, decreasing pain, aiding in postural support, and encouraging lymphatic support.


This therapy uses the same mechanisms behind the well-known baby ultrasound, but at a different frequency! Ultrasound gel is placed over your area of complaint, and an applicator head helps deliver high frequency sound waves to the area. These are painless, and all you will feel is some warmth. This will help improve blood flow to the area, which helps speed up healing, as well as decrease inflammation.

At Woodland Chiropractic and Wellness in Lenexa, KS 

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