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About Us

Woodland is a health and wellness clinic dedicated to serving you and your family. 


Woodland was founded and created to help change the way that we look at chiropractic

We wanted to create more than your 'pop and go' office, and actually create some real change in people's health. Here at Woodland, we offer a more unique experience. We meet you where you are at, and create a customized and unique treatment plan that is specific for you and your needs. Here, we treat you as a person, not just another appointment. 

What Makes Woodland Different?


Patient Centered Appointments

Your appointment is centered around YOU and YOUR needs. Our appointments are 15-30 minutes on average, leaving plenty of time to catch up with your complaint, perform treatments, and leave time for questions. You will never feel rushed or leave feeling unheard. Our goal is to have you feel seen, listened to, and respected. 


We Offer More Than Just Adjustments

While adjustments are very beneficial to restoring motion to your spine, most of the time they are not a fix all. We look at the joint, but also the surrounding structures, including muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Odds are, if your joint is off, then your muscles surrounding it are, too. This is why we provide muscle therapy, stretches, and exercises, so we can serve you with well rounded care. 


We Create Permanent Changes 

We create permanent changes here. We do this by providing ergonomic advice, nutritional advice, full body analysis, and more. We believe that you have the power to help yourself, but just need help figuring out how. That is where we come in! We do believe in the healing treatments we perform in office, but also believe that the majority of your healing will come from yourself. 


We Follow a 'Cash Based' Model, Rather Than Insurance Based

Being a 'cash' based practice, means we aren't tied to any insurance rules. We like to say that we went to chiropractic school, not the insurance workers. This means that we believe that we should get to choose the type and duration of your treatment plan, based on our knowledge and findings, and that this should not be dictated by insurance.  This allows us to perform more meaningful and effective treatments, often resulting in less appointments over time! We offer services at an affordable rate, often costing the same as your out of pocket payments from an in-network doc! We do offer discounts for nurses, students, teachers, first line workers, as well as family package discounts. Our pricing can be found on our online booking page. You can always request a superbill to submit to your insurance for any out of network benefits. 


We Fit the Treatment to the Patient

We fit the treatment to the patient, not the other way around. We do this by providing different types of treatments, based on your preference. Don't like being popped, or would prefer lower force? No worries, we can use the Activator, Arthrosim, or drop tables instead! We offer a variety of services, allowing us to serve many different types of patients and conditions. Check them out here

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