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5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Athletes

Whether you are a weekend warrior, avid weight lifter, professional baseball player, athlete, yoga enthusiast, or at home workout fanatic, if you move your body, you should see a chiropractor!

Here are my 5 favorite reasons that YOU, as an moving person, should visit a chiropractor, and why athletes and chiropractors go hand in hand.


#1: Having a chiropractor there for if/when you get injured

Getting hurt playing a sport is inevitable. Whether a sprained ankle during pickleball, disc herniations from lifting, or really any sports injury, it is so so important to have a provider on hand that knows you, your medical history, and someone you can turn to when you get injured.

We have plenty of patients who are accidnet prone, and we love being there for them when they get injured. Having a general knowledge of the patient, before the injury occurs, helps us create a very customized treatment plan that will help them get to feeling their best as quickly and effeciently as possible.

As a chiropractor, we have a lot of tools in our toolbelt for so many different types of injuries. We would love to see you for any and all sports injuries.


#2: Having your body and movement patterns properly assessed, so your weaknesses can be addressed.

Let's start with an example. I've recently had a patient who showed a decrease in glute strength and hip extension on their right side, vs. their left. They had been having a lot of back pain lately. We created a customized glute strengthening protocol to help address this weakness, which should clear that back pain up.

Sometimes pain is not in the area that is bothering you. It is important to have different parts of your body assessed so we can try to find the root cause of your dysfunction.


#3: Regular adjustments and muscle work helps keep your spine and body happy and healthy

As a chiropractor, I always say that my goal is spinal motion restoration. Keeping your spine moving well, keeps your muscles moving well (and vice versa). Keeping your spine and muscles happy, keeps your nerves happy. Get the picture?

Regular adjustments and muscle work can help prevent injuries, improve overall wellness, reduce pain, improve muscle tone, and improve motion.


#4: A chiropractor can help with prevention and treatment of disc injuries.

Unfortunately, the reoccurrence rate of disc injuries is pretty high, meaning that if you have had a disc injury in the past, it is common for one to happen again. We can help prevent and decrease this in multiple areas, such as spinal decompression, exercise and stretching guidance, proper diagnosis, and treatment.

As a person with a history of disc herniations, I heavily rely on chiropractic care to help my injury. When I feel the pain coming on, I get adjusted, perform my customized stretches, or do some decompression.

A chiropractor also can help with the diagnosis. Meaning, is your sciatica from a disc herniation? Or from piriformis syndrome? By getting a proper diagnosis, we can get you proper treatment.


#5: A chiropractor can help you with lifestyle guidance in and out of the weight room. Here are some ways that I help my patients:

  • Supplement Guidance: While you can't out-supplement a poor diet, supplements can be a great staple to fill in the gaps. I love to help patients find areas they could improve on. For athletes, I love recommending things like magnesium for muscle pain, omegas for inflammation, creatine, and more!

  • Exercise Guidance: We love looking at form, whether squat form, walking, or going through different weighted movements, to help find what could be causing you pain, or how you can improve. Simple tweaks can help you target muscles better while reducing pain

  • Lifestyle Guidance: We can help with sleep, recovery, nutrition, and so much more!

In conclusion, having a chiropractor as part of your health and fitness team, can help prevent injuries, improve spine and muscle health, help with existing complaints, and much more.

Let's get started! Book your initial visit HERE

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