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We are so happy you are here! We are a chiropractic and wellness clinic located in Lenexa, Kansas, serving Johnson County and surrounding areas.


We are a clinic passionate about helping people! We decided to open our clinic to provide wellness care to the whole family. This means that we see patients of all ages and all walks of life, and we meet you where you are at!

We will respect and value your time and money, meaning we only recommend necessary appointments and therapies, and pride ourselves on our unique approach to healing. This includes helping you help yourself. We offer a well rounded array of services, including adjustments, muscle therapy, and spinal decompression, but also educate patients on how to get better on their own. This includes customized exercises, stretches, personalized lifestyle advice, nutrition, supplements, and more, to help get you better outside of the office. 

You deserve a chiropractor who is going to respect and listen to you. Let's start your care today! 

Woodland is Now Accepting New Patients
Let's Get Started! 


Woodland is a dedicated chiropractic and wellness clinic, ready to serve you and your family!

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What We Offer

Financial Transparency 

Being out of network takes the guessing game out of how much your appointment will cost. We offer services at an affordable rate, with no hidden fees, and accept HSA and FSA cards. We also offer discounts to nurses, teachers, veterans, and first line workers, as well as offer family package discounts. 

Patient Centered


We are more than your 'pop and go' chiropractor. We offer a variety of services that fit you and your unique needs, including muscle work, stretches, and exercises. Appointments are 15-30 minutes on average, leaving plenty of time for questions, therapies, and more! You will never feel rushed or leave feeling unheard. 


We are conveniently located right off K-10 Highway and Woodland. We offer same-day booking, through our convenient online booking system, meaning there is no delay to start your care! 

Our Services 

Family Care 

Functional Medicine

Dry Needling

Pregnancy Care


Athlete Care 

Sports Injuries 

Auto Accident Care

Spinal Decompression 

Sports Physicals 

Supplemental Guidance 

General Wellness 


10072 Woodland Rd. Lenexa, KS 66220

Book Your First Visit!

Let's get you out of pain and back to living. Start the care you deserve! 

Have some questions? Not sure if chiropractic care is right for you? Leave us a message in the form, email us at, or call or text us at 913-839-4150.

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