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Who We Serve


Children can benefit from chiropractic care, too! This may support a child's development, help with injuries, and maintain their health! Head to our Pediatric Page to learn more! 


Whether you are an avid weightlifter, weekend warrior, or just need a little help with your fitness, we are here for you! Chiropractic can help with mobility, reduce your chance of injury, and help prolong your fitness journey. Both chiropractors are well versed in a variety of health and fitness areas, and would love to support you in your journey, no matter where you are at! 


Dr. Bayless is certified in the Webster Technique, a sacral - pelvic adjustment specifically for pregnant women. Studies have shown that regular chiropractic care has great success in decreasing labor time, decreasing labor pain, and reducing discomfort during pregnancy. This is a safe and gentle technique that helps ease tension throughout pelvic ligaments and muscles. 


From babies, to parents, to grandparents, we like to say that anyone with a spine can benefit from chiropractic care! Head to our service page to see what all services we offer. Click HERE to see what all conditions we treat. Contact us today to discuss family packages! 

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